W.H.O. Formulated Skeptics branded sanitiser


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Stay as safe as you can be with HANZ Personal sanitiser spray in a handy dandy 50ml refillable plastic spray bottle , perfect for your pocket, purse, glovebox, or schoolbag The www.HANZ.nz brand is manufactured in NZ using pharmacy grade ingredients adhering strictly to the World health organisation guidelines . The solution only contains the bare minimum required to ensure the optimal protection available, no gels, no fragrance, no allergens , Sporting the Skeptics brand on every 50ml bottle, the 1 litre refill bottle ensures you have ongoing protection available, . Having your own bottle at hand negates the need to engage with sharing the communal bottle and possible cross contamination The quick easy spray penetrates further than gel can and will evaporate within seconds leaving hands fresh and without residue that could enter the foodchain http://www.hanz.nz/who.pdf

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